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Succession Planning: Udhayanidhi Stalin In Delhi To Meet PM, Opposition Leaders

Udhayanidhi Stalin is on a two-day visit to Delhi to meet the prime minister and home minister. His life lessons have been mostly cinematic, cavorting with heroines and calculating box office takes of his Red Giant movie distribution venture. Ever since he was appointed as minister for Youth Welfare & Sports Development, Father Stalin is grooming him for the inevitable succession to the TN Gaddi, and is ensuring that Udhayanidhi gets to hear and see all the significant cues needed to take charge of the party and government. Being his first visit to Delhi, Stalin Jr has planned parallel agendas. Just in case the PM is unable to meet him, Udhayanidhi will attend a function at Banwari Lal Purohit’s home, meet the Sports Ministry bureaucrats for bringing better facilities, more funding, and equipment to TN. At a recent JNU scuffle, some TN students were injured by the so-called ABVP cadres, Udhayanidhi will meet them. But the main agenda is to deliver invitations to as many Opposition leaders and heavy weights to attend the mega public event — Chennai YMCA grounds on March 1 to celebrate Stalin’s 70th birthday. Udhayanidhi programmed to learn on the job, to coax, convince and cajole persons sitting on the fence to join the mega Opposition to take on the BJP juggernaut.