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Indian Immunologicals Joins Bharat Biotech’s Vaccine Efforts

While Covid-19 gathers momentum and lockdowns stretch across the country, the vaccines are depleting as the production has not kept up pace with the demand. According to a source, the Hyderabad-based Indian Immunologicals Ltd (IIL) is working on a vaccine. Animal trials are underway and the new vaccine is expected to be ready for human use by next year. IIL makes over 150 products and runs one of the largest plants in the world for veterinary vaccines. Soon it is expected to make drug substance for Bharat Biotech, which makes Covaxin, say sources. IIL will make the substance for 2-3 million doses and scale it up to 6-7 million per month later in the year. Meanwhile, Panacea Biotech has commenced production of the Russian Sputnik vaccine.