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Has Money And Fame Rocked A Cricketer’s Marriage?

It is a heady combination – money and fame. If you don’t know how to handle it smartly, then it could destroy your personal and professional life. The latest news wafting from the dressing room is that the marriage of a leading cricketer from north India is on the rocks.  According to insiders, this flamboyant cricketer, known for his brilliant batting and fielding skills, was having a torrid affair and his wife caught him red-handed. Incensed by his philandering behaviour, she has decided to walk out of the marriage with her kids in tow. The divorce threat seems to have brought the cricketer to his senses, and he has gone on all fours asking his wife to give him another chance. Apparently, she is in no mood to relent, say people close to the cricketer. Earlier, we saw paceman Mohammed Shammi facing bouncers after bouncers from his wife Hasin Jahan – and that furious spell could have hurt his career too. They are still not divorced reportedly, and for the moment Shammi must be secretly swooning over his wife’s Instagram pictures that are breaking the internet, especially the one in aquamarine blue saree where she is sporting a chutki bhar sindoor. Her rhapsody – “Sabar ki ungli pakad kar ham itna chale ke raste hairan reh gaye – has indeed left us all ‘hairan’ (pleasantly stunned actually). Well, we are keeping fingers crossed, leaving both the marriages in the hands of God.