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George Soros Sparks A Big Fight, Over His Push For Regime Change In India

As long as George Soros remained behind the scenes and quietly backed the Congress or endorsed Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra nobody could complain. However for some inexplicable reason the 92-year old Hungarian-American billionaire investor known for political activism chose to issue a statement attacking Indian democracy and speak against PM Modi using the Adani issue. It clearly showed his deep involvement in the country’s politics. Known for pushing regime changes across the world, Soros claimed Adani’s woes “will spur democratic revival in India.” This sparked a war of words between the BJP and Congress. Even as one Congress leader Praveen Chakravarty shared Soros statement reported by the Financial Times where he said “Modi may dodge answering questions about Adani in Parliament and in India but he cannot escape from foreign investors”. Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh was quick to distance the party from Soros “Our Nehruvian legacy ensures people like Soros cannot determine our electoral outcomes”. In a quick rebuttal to Soros, Union Minister Smriti Irani said “George Soros not only attacked PM Modi but also the Indian democratic system. Soros wants some “hand-picked” people to run the government here “pliable to his needs for making his nefarious plans successful”. She made it clear that the government would be watching with interest the kind of money — one billion dollars that Soros’s Open Society Foundations — would spend to achieve its goals.