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Fake Marriage Photo Angers Actor Sai Pallavi

The film gossip conveyor belt is on turbo mode getting more ingenious in plating up fake news in authentic garb. This apparent “wedding” photo of popular actor Sai Pallavi is on frantic viewership. Sai Pallavi, the girl who shot to fame in her very first Malayalam movie Premam as Malar teacher is a busy actor in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. But she was in for a shock after the muhurat of her new film, SK 21 featuring Sivakarthiketan as hero and directed by Rajkumar Periyasamy (produced by Kamalhaasan). The group muhurat picture was creatively cropped and spread as “Sai Pallavi and Periasamy get married? A furious Sai is now hitting out at such cheap tricks by “publicity hounds”…a possible many who stand to gain. Marriages may be made in Heaven…but in filmdom, marrying off two people with no fear of a backlash is common. Recently, Anirudh , newsmaker musician and Keerthi Suresh were shown to be serious about hitching their stars. Keerthi’s father is busy denying. Trisha Krishnan at 40, single and blazing was also “married” to a Malayalam director. In the bigger scheme of films such publicity is secretly coveted.