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Eknath Shinde Storms Konkan, Attempt To Snatch Public Support From Uddhav Sena

Maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde has unequivocally stated that the proposed oil refinery near Rajapur in the Konkan region will materialise as it is the wish of the local people. He has asked the detractors of the project to cooperate and not obstruct. During his first Ratnagiri district visit as chief minister, Shinde made several announcements to lure the public opinion in the region, which has been traditionally supporting the Shiv Sena set up by Balasaheb Thackeray. He promised that when commissioned, the refinery will generate huge employment. Shinde did not lose the opportunity to castigate the Sena (Uddhav) during his public address. He said certain elements had been hindering industrial progress by creating opposition to the proposals originally introduced by themselves. In this connection, Shinde said the land acquisition for the Nagpur-Mumbai Samruddhi Expressway was attempted to be stalled by such elements but he had convinced the land owners of the potential benefits and persuaded them to cooperate. The same will happen in case of the refinery, he was confident. Shinde announced a package of Rs 700 crore for taking up various developmental projects in the region. He said an autonomous corporation would be formed soon to take care of the needs of the Konkan. Development of tourism and coastal areas, preservation of historical forts and monuments will be among the steps he spelt out.