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Wrist Of Fury, Kuldeep Yadav Gets The Nod

The BCCI’s selection committee, captain Rohit Sharma and Head Coach Rahul Dravid are looking in the same direction in so far as the choice of Kuldeep Yadav for the Asia Cup juxtaposed against Yuzvendra Chahal. Wrist spinners are unique; they practice a difficult art. Many find it difficult to maintain a high degree of consistency blending with a variety of skill sets. Yadav tweaks with his left hand thus changing the angle of the delivery, bowling over and around the wicket. In a little over six years, Yadav has featured in 59 wins taking 110 scalps at 23.45, conceding 4.88 runs an over. In all, he has played 84 matches and taken 141 wickets at 26.55, conceding 5.17 runs an over. Chahal tweaks with his right hand and in seven years has featured in 49 wins taking 102 wickets at 20.76, conceding 4.82 runs an over. In all, he has played 72 matches, taken 121 wickets at 27.13, conceding 5.27 runs an over. India with Chahal has won 65.52 % of the matches, while with Yadav, India has won 70.24 %. Looking at the batting numbers, Yadav has an average of 11.71 with an aggregate of 112 at No 9 (scored 164 runs in all) and Chahal has an average of 8.56 with an aggregate of 49 at No 10 (scored in all 77 runs).  Yadav brings in a 7-match 2019 World Cup experience and a 6-match 2018 Asia Cup experience. That’s that!