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With Uncertainty Over Leadership, Top Congress Leaders Seen Favouring Pawar To Lead The Non-BJP Front

Days after dinner hosted by veteran Congress leader and member of the G-23 group Kapil Sibal and lack of party’s initiative for the election of a new chief, a section of the disgruntled leaders want the former Union Minister and Nationalist Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar to lead them. A former Union Minister and a prominent member of the G-23 indicated that Pawar is a leader who believes in consensus and has stature in national politics. Some of them point out that if the Congress splits due to disagreement over the leadership issue, these leaders can accept Pawar’s leadership without officially joining NCP but as a leader of a non-BJP front. However, there is a major hurdle as Pawar insists that Congress should play a central role and it cannot be sidelined to have a united front of like-minded and secular parties. Further, G-23 leaders are also unhappy over the brother-sister duo Rahul-Priyanka for creating further divide in the party. They do admit interim president Sonia Gandhi’s initiative to convene a meeting of Congress and like-minded parties, but they claim it is not enough unless the mother and siblings are prepared to decide the leadership issue without any further delay. They fear that it will cost party heavily as Congress will witness further divisions and desertions across the country which will be a good news for BJP.