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SPG Inducts Karnataka’s Mudhol Hounds For PM’s Security

For PM Narendra Modi atmanirbhar is just not a slogan for his countrymen, it is also meant for his proximate security — Special Protection Group (SPG). Recently, he had talked about Karnataka’s Mudhol hound breed of canines, which have an international reputation for their predatory skills as well as looks. Mudhol hound dogs have been used by predators since the times of kings. The PM had stated that if this breed is encouraged, then other Indian breeds too would get a boost. Taking a cue, SPG which usually prefers Labradors and German Shepherds decided to induct the ‘sharp-sighted, agile and indigenous hounds’. The PM`s security team chose Mudhol hounds after considering the Rajapalayam dog breed from Tamil Nadu and Rampur Greyhound from Uttar Pradesh. The dogs already serve with the Indian armed forces and some paramilitary forces. Now, they could become the first indigenous breed to be part of the SPG.  In April, SPG officials visited the Canine Research & Information Center (Mudhol Hound) at Thimmapur in Karnataka’s Bagalkot district and took two male puppies. They will first undergo four months of training and later rigorous coaching. Lean and tall structured and tiny heads are the special characteristics of this breed. Predators prefer this breed for its capacity to run long distances without getting tired and special sniffing abilities. These dogs weigh between 20-22 kg and grow up to 72 centimeters.