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Shift Statues Of Leaders From Public Places To Leaders’ Park: Madras HC

What? No more statues? Would Tamil Nadu, or any State for that matter, exist without feeling the need to put up statues for venerated leaders? An order from a Madras High Court judge to the contrary would have sent shivers running down the spines of various people, from social reformers to politicians. While disallowing any new statue to be installed, the judge would like to send all existing statues on roads and public places to a “Leaders’ Park” where presumably the erectors of statues would pay for their upkeep and people would line up to pay homage to saints and demigods, social thought leaders and tall political leaders, including most of all of actor-politicians in cinema-crazy Tamil Nadu. This is a tall order in a State that is crowded with statues of Gandhi, Nehru, Periyar, Ambedkar, MGR, Jaya, M Karunanidhi et al in public places including the Marina Beach that is the world’s longest drive past an array of statues to saints and leaders. The erection of statues and paying homage to them is intensely political too. Not a day passes by without a political group paying homage to a departed leader by adorning his statue with flowers. It does appear that the order will be quickly challenged in court one before the State prepares the ground for creating ‘Leaders’ Parks’ in several places.