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SEBI Finalising Guidelines To Allow Private Equity To Invest In Mutual Funds

SEBI is said to be finalizing revised guidelines to pave the entry of private equity firms in the AMC business. Currently there are two to three mutual funds which are reportedly looking to get out at a decent price. L&T Mutual Fund is one of them. The 12th largest fund by the AUM size, L&T Mutual Fund manages Rs 58,000 crore worth of assets. IDFC Mutual Fund is another fund which is being eyed by the entrants wanting to get into the mutual fund space. They reckon with ESG schemes picking up, investors will be keen to look at avenues to park funds in these schemes. One of the potential private equity companies looking keenly at getting into the Indian mutual industry is Blackstone. It is believed that once regulators permit, they will be moving quickly to take a stake in the AMC of L&T and IDFC.