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Prashant Kishor To Re-Enter Bihar Politics?

The photograph on poll strategist Prashant Kishor’s Twitter handle says it all. It has Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: “The best politics is right action.” So he took the right action by shutting down his outfit  IPAC at the peak of its success.  Both his clients Mamata Banerjee and MK Stalin won the 2021 Assembly Polls. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh who had appointed Kishor as political advisor with a Cabinet rank for 2022 Assembly election is awaiting clarity from Kishor. So what next? Politics it is …and that too from Bihar his home state — he was born in Rohtas; his father Dr Shrikant Pandey practiced in Buxar. The Brahmin boy grew up without his caste surname — like many in the state do in the hope of a more egalitarian society or to escape caste-based biases. After finishing higher education, he moved to New York to join the United Nations. He came back to India some times in 2010 and has been a poll strategist since then. His clients: BJP, INC, AAP, AITC, YSRCP, DMM and TMC. He has been nursing political ambitions; he joined Nitish Kumar’s party JDU as vice president in 2018 but was expelled in January 2020 for opposing NDA’s Citizenship Amendment Act. Analysts who have read his mind say that Kishor knows the future is Bihar. Reason: Congress presence has shrunk. Nitish Kumar’s JDU is losing its grip and Tejaswi Yadav of RJD may be popular but carries lots of baggage. Chirag Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party is no threat. That leaves BJP – and he knows every chink in the BJP’s armour. But, the key question everybody is asking: Will he float his own party? Will it be an AAP sort scenario in Bihar? So, for now it’s watch-and-wait.