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Maharashtra Likely To Face Pincer Situation, Disputes With Karnataka & Telangana Resurface

Even as the old border dispute between Maharashtra and Karnataka is assuming serious tones, the issue of 14 disputed villages between the state and Telangana has been revived by activists to highlight what they call a ‘forcible action’ by the erstwhile part of Andhra Pradesh. As if two border disputes are not enough, residents of some villages along the border in Gadchiroli district, too, are expressing their dissatisfaction with the government over similar demands. Shiv Sena (Uddhav) leaders have been repeatedly blaming Karnataka CM S R Bommai for ‘stoking fires’ by his various statements to demand inclusion of various parts of Maharashtra in his state. The Sena votaries are talking of starting an agitation over the issue. About the dispute with Telangana, former MLA Wamanrao Chatap (Shetkari Sanghatana) has articulated the ‘plight’ of the 14 villages along the border by alleging that the villagers’ declaration that they wish to remain in Maharashtra has been ignored by Telangana authorities. As Telangana has refused to implement a SC order in favour of Maharashtra, various facilities like gram panchayats, dispensaries and anganwadis of both states continue to function in the villages, he has alleged. Incidentally, villagers appear in voter lists of both states. Villagers also lament that the Maharashtra government has not taken cognisance of their genuine grievance. Indications are available that Maharashtra will find itself in a pincer dilemma unless the disputes are resolved soon.