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MVA Vs Mahayuti: Who will win the assembly tug of war?   

Lok Sabha Win Sees Confident MVA In Campaign Mode, Sobered Down Mahayuti Getting Its Act Together

Maha Vikas Aghadi constituents gearing up for Maharashtra’s state assemblies come November 2024, are ecstatic by results of the general elections. Congress that fought 17 officially (backed one Sangli independent) is basking in affections of traditional Muslim, Dalit voters and wants alliance consensus over assembly seat sharing, unlike for Lok Sabha polls. Sharad Pawar, who strategically fought 10 winnable seats, being low on confidence, candidates for Lok Sabha, is enthused about his faction’s prospects. Shiv Sena (UBT) that unilaterally fought 23 parliamentary seats, bucked exit polls and now enjoys a newfound political alliance voter base, is roaring for elections. Shiv Sena CM Eknath Shinde elected seven MPs but preferred not to designate MP son Dr Shrikant as party’s second Union Minister over the latter’s reluctance, although offered by BJP. There are strong rumours that CM Shinde may be inducted into PM Narendra Modi’s cabinet after Maharashtra’s assembly elections. His deputy CM, Devendra Fadnavis has retracted efforts to be relieved of his post, launched into election mode even as the party high command put off any imminent reshuffle in Maharashtra for now. The BJP cadre hopes for a more accessible Fadnavis prior to state assemblies and more prudent choices for 36 Mumbai assembly constituencies. Mistakes like replacing sitting MP Manoj Kotak (north east parliamentary constituency), ostensibly offering a youthful candidate for Lok Sabha, boomeranged upon BJP in its traditional seat and are unlikely to be repeated before state polls. Ajit Dada wants more but may secure less than 80 to 90 assembly seats just like Shiv Sena as BJP feels the punishment from Muslim voters is only past precedent.