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Kollywood Superstar Suriya’s ‘Jai Bhim’ Stirs A Hornet’s Nest

South Indian star couple Suriya and Jyotika have bagged unheard of recognition and accolades for their home production, Jai Bhim. It is rumoured that they had to pledge jewellery for completing this film, which has overtaken classics like The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather in IMDb ratings since its release on November 2. It has no kickass glamour, song and dance titillation, near naked costumes and all the B town masala elements to salivate over. Just a stark, gut wrenching and conscience hitting real life incident of 1993 about the socially marginalised, oppressed and downtrodden Irular caste of TN. The protagonist, retired Justice Chandru played by Suriya is not only surprised at all the encomiums flooding his mailbox but also shocked by political reactions. The most telling objection and angry angst came from PMK party head and former Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramdoss. Some remote areas where Jai Bhim was screened erupted in violence. PMK leader A Palanisamy offered a bounty of Rs 1 lakh for kicking Suriya! And there was a death threat too. A calendar depicting a PMK symbol was hastily deleted from the film. Iconic film director Bharathi Raja, President of South India Film Chamber and scores of directors have taken strong objection to Anbumani saying, “At this rate, it looks like we creative guys have to go to every two-bit political outfit to get our scripts okayed.”