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Jaishankar Makes The Transition From Diplomat To Politician: Gives Rahul Gandhi A Lesson

It was interesting to watch External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar make a transition from a suave diplomat to an ace politician. After putting down Pakistan foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto at the UN Security Council meeting, Jaishankar gave a full dressing down to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha for his  comment on clashes between Indian and Chinese troops on December 9 in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, saying the word “pitai” (beating) should not be used for “our jawans”.“We have no problem with political criticism but we should not disrespect our jawans. I have heard that my own understanding needs to be deepened. When I see who is giving the advice I can only bow and respect,” Jaishankar said. He was taking on Rahul who had suggested that the EAM must “broaden” his understanding. “If we were indifferent to China then who sent the Indian Army to the border? If we were indifferent to China then why are we pressuring China for de-escalation and disengagement today? Why are we saying publicly that our relations are not normal?” the minister asked. Earlier, speaking at India Today event, Jaishankar said,” You have a deployment of the Indian Army on the China border that we never had. It is done to counter Chinese aggression. The Indian Army today is deployed to counter any attempt to unilaterally change LAC.  This deployment is not on orders of Rahul Gandhi, it is on orders of the Prime Minister.” Will Jaishankar’s exhaustive statement help end Opposition disruption of the House?