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Is Cong Becoming A Closet Admirer Of PM Modi?

Is the Congress really becoming a closet admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Or else why should the main opposition party get into an ugly credit war on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh Liberation War just because the PM made no reference to Indira Gandhi by name in any official function? If Modi wasn’t important, why should the Congress make so much fuss about whether he mentioned Indira’s role in liberating East Pakistan. For a party that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh Liberation War a day earlier than the official date — December 16 — it was quite odd  for the Congress to complain about not being invited as part of the official celebrations. This after the manner in which the party has been boycotting every function hosted by the Modi Government beginning with the Republic Day parade this year. Rahul Gandhi made matters worse by choosing to be in Uttarakhand — which is the home turf of jawans. Instead of speaking about jawans who shed blood for the country he kept talking about sacrifices made by his family. In a shocking disservice to his memory, the Congress continued to drag late CDS Gen Bipin Rawat into a political slug-fest. They first used his cut-outs in a rally; later raised questions about his untimely death.