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Is AIADMK’s Ousted Leader Sasikala Scripting Her Comeback?

Chennai’s Greames Road Apollo Hospital is often a stage for intense political drama as VVIPs get admitted there, and warring VIPs come calling. AIADMK presidium chairman Madhusudanan was rushed to Apollo on July 20. Former Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi Palanisami and his entourage came calling to see the ailing presidium chief. Imagine his predicament when he heard that Madam Sasikala, his arch enemy and political nemesis was on the way for the same purpose. Ousted AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala was not just on the way but was travelling in a car similar to J Jayalalithaa’s with the AIADMK flag fluttering proudly on its mast. Edappadi could only squirm and sputter. Many a mighty political warrior had been quelled by the lady in question. He quickly gathered his herd, and exited from Apollo, even as madam’s car stopped in the portico. Now the memes and sarcasm are flooded with the question, will the Presidium Chief be ousted from the party for being in her company? Remember, her recent bizarre strategy of calling up party malcontents in the dead of night, shoot the breeze, record the conversation and go public with such chats has chucked out quite a few from the AIADMK for anti-party activities! Some people have a talent for whipping up trouble. Sasikala is intent on a hostile takeover.