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India Cements: A Win-Win Deal For Srinivasan, Birlas And Damani

He knows inside out of cement. He breathes cement, and is passionate about his organisation. He is also acutely aware of the fast-changing dynamics in the cement industry. All along, he has run the cement business in a co-existing system. Initially, he worked with the Chemplast group as a co-promoter. Subsequently, he carried on with the Radhakishan Damani of DMart fame as passive investors. With the Damanis selling their stake to Aditya Birla Group company UltraTech Cement, N Srinivasan has to co-exist with the Birlas now. Is there a definite method to the latest twist? The way things are panning out, it appears a win-win for all the three players. Damani has cashed out happily. Birlas have gained more than a toe-hold into The India Cements, which has a legacy going back to pre-Independence days. Birlas have, for now at least, chosen to stop at the level of financial investor. Given the tall stature of Srinivasan and also considering his age, Birlas have taken a wise course. For Srinivasan, the situation is not new and yet new in a way. This time, he has to co-exist with a financial investor who is also a cement maker.  For stakeholders across the canvas, this could be a welcome development. After all, Birlas have a rich background in terms of culture and values. That bodes well for India Cements. What lends credence to the emerging new setting was the unreported informal confabulations at India Cements a few days prior to the sale of stake by Damani in the open market to UltraTech people. The current arrangement seems perfect given the fact that both Srinivasan’s daughter and granddaughter are passionate about driving the cricket franchise Chennai Super Kings. Interestingly, for Birlas there is a Tamil Nadu connection, Kumar Mangalam Birla’s mother Rajashree was born in Madurai. She went to St Joseph’s Convent School and Fatima College. After her marriage to Aditya Birla she moved to Kolkata.