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Dhoni’s Wisdom Shows In CSK Show

The famous cricket brain may have fired back to life a little slowly but its functions are intact. A diving MS Dhoni spilling a catch might have brought the first signs that age is not just a number when it comes to alacrity on the cricket field. But wisdom is still a much needed commodity as we saw in many instances as CSK are up and running again and leading the IPL table this time. The first audible signs of Dhoni’s intellect came when he told Jadeja to let it rip as a replaced ball would be dry and would turn. Having been just hit for six and taking a ball the umpires gave from the “used” box, Jadeja got one to turn and bowled a batsman. Soon, advice not to worry about getting hit and let the ball spin helped the all-rounder again as Dhoni told him to keep his spirits up and Jadeja at once foxed Glenn Maxwell to bowl him. Asked as to how CSK was firing on all cylinders again after the UAE flop show last season, Dhoni said there were a lot of factors and explained a few about how the lockdown without cricket had affected them last time and how CSK were better prepared for this edition of IPL. There is just no substitute for Captain Cool’s cerebral presence on the cricket field.