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Decoding Drinking Personality Of Tamil Superstars

According to cine raconteur and news caster Bayilvan Ranganathan, the iconic Tamil film superstar-turned-chief minister MG Ramachandran was a teetotaller whereas the legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan had to amp up his spirits after the day’s shooting. The late SS Rajendran, a DMK pillar, had a peculiar drinking ritual; he would have a glass full of egg whites, and sip alternately from both glasses. Villain MR Radha was just as rambunctious in his alcohol intake but could stand rock steady and perform. These are the yesteryear’s cine brigade. Superstar Rajinikanth is known not to chomp into any side dish or fritters; he just pays full attention to the elixir of life. At a press conference, where the media was served drinks, the gathered had to demand short eats! Suave Ajith Kumar socialises with his Martini’s and exotic cocktails while the emerging superstar Vijay never drinks in social gatherings. The women brigade are not far behind. The late Savitri was a known alcoholic, many a time she could outrank the romantic hero Gemini Ganesan (Rekha’s father) in a contest. Among the younger stars, Trisha is a rebel. She is a free spirit reveller on the Bessy beach congregating with her feline female friends to have a blast. For these easy spirits, it is Dil Mange More. Live life king size with a Patiala peg.