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Apple’s Private Relay Upholds Privacy – Even For The Underworld

In what could be dangerous for police forces, Apple has launched encrypted browsing at the touch of a switch on its iPhones, iPads, laptops and desktop computers. It is called the Private Relay feature and criminals could have a free run on it with law enforcement rendered helpless in tracking them. Broadband and mobile companies may be unable to assist police investigations into dangerous suspects like terrorists or child abusers. Hitherto, criminals had to be extremely computer savvy to use the DarkNet to carry out their nefarious activities. With all Apple devices giving people encrypted protection, it could be a virtual invitation for the criminally minded to use them with the anonymity they seek in working the Internet.  As technology improves to offer the hiding of digital footprints, investigating authorities might struggle even if Apple is offering to “respond productively” to any police requests for information. When people browse the web, their browser takes them directly to the website they seek, leaving a digital footprint with their broadband or mobile operator. Apple’s Private Relay service uses technology similar to the “dark web”, to ping people’s traffic between different servers so no one entity can see where they have been. Even Apple will not be able to see who you are either and what sites you are visiting.