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Dr Ali Bacher with Sachin Tendulkar   

Ali Bacher Welcomes IPL-14 Being Suspended After Covid Outbreak

Dr Ali Bacher, former Cricket South Africa boss, is concerned with the pandemic situation in India. Seeing visuals at his Johannesburg home on CNN has saddened him. He is happy that the BCCI has suspended the IPL Season 14 after a few more players tested positive to Covid-19. “The BCCI could have held the IPL 2021 in abeyance because of the grim Covid situation across India. Can you imagine the outcry if one of the players, umpires, coaches and administrators had died of the virus? That could have happened and could still happen if the IPL had run its full course. How can you continue playing in New Delhi, one of the venues for the IPL, where people are dying like flies out there. The fact is players have been affected now and the BCCI and IPL have been compelled to suspend it. I watch IPL matches when South African players are involved. On the positive side, I had seen some extraordinary cricket and cricketers in the league,” Dr Bacher said after being informed of the BCCI decision. Dr Bacher — he holds a degree in medicine — is hailed as captain of the South African team that trounced Australia in 1970 and administrator extraordinaire who presided over the Rainbow Nation’s return to mainstream cricket in the early 1990s — after a 20-year ban from international cricket for two decades because of the country’s apartheid policy. He is also widely applauded for managing the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003. “We won all four Tests decisively. Some cricket experts believe that team was probably the strongest team South Africa has ever had. In that team were greats like Graeme and Peter Pollock, Barry Richards and Mike Procter,” said Dr Bacher.