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100 Days of Stalin: Glimpses Of Tamil Nadu’s Data-Driven Governance

Passing his first 100 days in office with the felicity of a seasoned politician destined to hold the highest office in his state, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin is drawing praise even from his opponents when his regime is long past the honeymoon stage. He showed how he values his dad’s contribution with a Rs 40 crore tribute in a grand memorial on the Marina Beach while retaining the one lesson M Karunanidhi taught him. There is no need to be vituperative in politics; and cordial relations with the Centre are conducive to the State’s welfare because the purse strings are in New Delhi. Stalin backs Opposition unity with the same intent as he did in promoting Rahul Gandhi as his choice for PM if the coalition forces make it but he will not be a street fighter in the Mamata mould. He makes his political points in cool language and devoid of theatricals. The Tamil Nadu CM lets the power of data figure in everything that his government does, which is probably something he has picked up from his finance minister. Statements are laced with facts and figures to support arguments made in sane fashion. He leads the Treasury benches saving most of his talk for the Assembly while delegating powers to his ministers. Stalin is in the running for the CM of the year accolade.