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With G-23 Cut To Size, The Gandhis Reinforce Their Role As Congress’ Saviour-In-Chief

Her patience and perseverance are proverbial. Her silence stoic. But enough is enough for her. Sonia Gandhi has heroically sat on mentoring mode for years, hoping Rahul will pluck the party from her studious and strategic clutches. The time has come to talk about cabbages and kings, to muster enough ballast, to cast the die. Has Sonia seen the writing on the wall? Now or never….choose your successor, the heir apparent and quit the regent mode. Congress watchers and seasoned media hands are speculating that Rahul will take over the Grand Old Party, and Priyanka could be the electoral face, a doppelgänger for her Dadi. The party must be in the Gandhi family, take direction from Rahul. How else can one interpret Sonia taking the offensive to the party rebels and baiters? She made it clear that her party veterans lacked “clarity and cohesion.” She voiced her unhappiness… the party must fight the diabolical campaign of the RSS and BJP. At least, she has bought some time and respite from the rebel 23, chafing at the bit. Also, poll strategist Prashant Kishor’s statement – nothing can unseat the BJP, at least for now – suggests he may not be joining Congress. Sonia knows well enough: her children have the DNA to claim the throne. Heads or tails, she knows it is the TINA factor she has to work on.