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Photo : Vijay – Twitter , Dhanush – Fotocorp   

Madras HC Judge Peeved At Trend Of Superstars Seeking Import Exemptions On Super Luxury Cars

Barely had the dust settled down on the cringe worthy indictment meted out to top Tamil star Vijay for evading tax on the import of his Rolls Royce Ghost, when the same Bench of Justice SM Subramaniam had to come down hard on actor K Dhanush for a similar tax evasion. Both these highly bankable stars had coveted the ultra-luxury Rolls Royce Ghost as their preferred wheels to match their status and style, paid Rs 5 crore plus for the car. This raises several questions amongst us, the common, run of the mill Aam Aadmi. Is tax payment selective and evasion even more selective? Why put a burden on with such preposterous pleas when the law of the land clearly states what tax is to be paid? Do film celebrities think that they are extraordinary people with extraordinary status? To add insult to injury, the highly bankable hero, Vijay (rumoured to earn the second highest of Rs 70 crore per film, next only to Rajinikant topping the spreadsheet at Rs 100 crore) baffled the judge some more. Under the question, occupation, Vijay did not think it needed a response! These are the filmy heroes whose every stunt, song and dance movement and thunderous dialogues are greeted with whistles and approval by a swarming, swooning audience. Hope they don’t emulate their heroes and evade tax!