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Why Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyuruppa Stepped Down?

It was BJP’s calculated decision to ask party’s poster boy and Lingayat face BS Yediyuruppa to resign as Chief Minister of Karnataka. His continuation may have led to factionalism with the opposition hurling allegations of corruption. The decision was taken after a series of meetings between the RSS and the BJP leaders, especially Home Minister Amit Shah and JP Nadda while keeping PM Narendra Modi in the loop. Even though Yediyuruppa is credited with BJP’s growth in Karnataka and its opening in south India, RSS and a section of BJP realized that this asset may become a liability ahead of the next assembly elections. Party insiders have not forgotten how the mining barons, Reddy Brothers, called the shots a few years ago and caused a major harm to the party’s image. The Parivar is clear that contractors and fixers should not be allowed to create their clout and tarnish the party’s image. Had Yediyuruppa continued, RSS feared that the party’s image may have taken a beating due to alleged links between CM’s relatives, close aides and middlemen. Ultimately the party took a call to send off Yediyuruppa honourably instead of sacking him publicly! RSS activists BL Santosh, Krishna Gopal played a major role in making a strong argument for a change.   On February 1, 2021 published a story that hunt was on to replace BSY.