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Why EPS and OPS Met Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

The animosity between former Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi Palanisami, EPS and his deputy O Panneerselvan (OPS) seems to have intensified ever since DMK came to power. Compounding it further is the re-entry of VK Sasikala on the scene. This is why speculation is rife why both EPS and OPS headed separately to the Capital to meet the PM. There are different versions. Were they beckoned or summoned? Or did they go to complain about the vendetta raj unleashed by Chief Minister MK Stalin? The ED has raided former minister RS Vijaya Bhaskar. Another viewpoint, the duo had gone to personally handover their version of the wealth trail of DMK supremos. Finally, a vanilla version: the pair were to appraise the PM about vaccine shortage, the NEET issue, Mekedatu dam problem and other issues. This unscheduled trip seems straight out of the Panchatantra Tales…rewind to JJ’s body lying in state before her internment. A sobbing Sasikala, and a reassuring Modi who consoled her. Fast forward to Sasi’s homecoming from jail, and her sky-high expectations that she could just walk into the AIADMK and reclaim her rightful place. Ground reality proved otherwise. Is this an attempt to bring the duo to heel, and make them accept Sasikala as the General Secretary of the party? More importantly, an ambitious plan to bring it under the BJP Chhatra Chaya?