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Why Is Chennai’s Padma Seshadri School Being Singled Out?

The Chennaite, housebound and locked down, a salacious incident has ignited his voyeuristic interest for the past three days. A teacher, from the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, Rajagopalan, allegedly sexually harassed his female students, both online and in person. Sexual harassment in workplace, and educational institutions is nothing new. But this school, PSBB, considered a Holy Grail institution, founded by two eminent academics, the late YG Parthasarathy and his wife Late Yecha Gunja Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy or Mrs YGP and the scandal garnered more than normal attention. Why? For the Brahmin bashers, this has come like manna from heaven for those who are bent on denigrating the well-disciplined and highly respected Brahmin community of Tamil Nadu, not just for their scholarly ethos but for the top bureaucratic positions held by this small community.  YG Mahendran and his daughter, Madhuvanthi (who stood for the BJP ideology in the just concluded elections), both trustees on the School’s Board are facing scathing criticism, as they are seen responsible for what happens in the school under their Board. Agreed, sexual harassment by anyone has to be dealt with an iron fist, no one should take shelter under any community label if proved guilty. But using this incident as a rallying point for political mileage, to shame and bash to pulp the reputation of an entire community crosses all boundaries of decency.