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Why BJP Did Not Win West Bengal Elections As Expected?

For any political party growing from 3 to 77 seats is a big achievement. Not for BJP. It was hoping to form the government by winning over 200 seats in West Bengal 2021 Assembly Elections. But in the end Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress won 211 seats. Now, everybody is doing soul searching – BJP, political analysts, bookies, journalists, pollsters. But, the real answer has come from a karyakarta Sourav Chakraborty (@Mahakal_k_Bhakt). In his 10-part tweet to PM @narendramodi and HM @AmitShah he has lucidly explained the reasons for BJP’s failure. He says everybody is blaming Bengali Hindus for not voting for BJP. But the ground reality is totally different. Some of his reasons are: 1. Many of their karyakartas were ex-CPI-M, who joined BJP only to save themselves from TMC but did not accept BJP’s ideology. They made BJP’s ground organisation weak in many constituencies. 2. Welcoming and promoting TMC leaders and ignoring its own dedicated karyakartas. 3. Ignoring Hindutva for Muslim votes. 4. Ignoring the warning of RSS by taking corrupt politicians from TMC and compromising with party’s idealogy. 5. No CM face in front of Mamata. 6. Scam in MLA ticket distribution. 7. Congress and CPIM aligned with TMC to stop BJP. And finally poor management of polling and counting agents. Clearly, you don’t need to be masters in political science to read the writing on the wall. Political strategist Prashant Kishor saw it long back but a confident BJP did not take him seriously.