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Vijay Antony’s Emotional Thriller Kodiyil Oruvan’s Success Stuns Critics

When 46-year-old Vijay Antony announced his movie Kodiyil Oruvan, eyebrows shot up! Was he on par with the legendary MGR and his Aayirathil Oruvan which swashbuckled its way to commercial success? No, Antony is too introverted and underplayed. Rightly so. He is a singer, music composer, lyricist, sound engineer, actor and producer-director. His take, I am a Jack of All trades, but master of none. His trademark ….Masala formulas that tell the story as not obvious masala, but with an inherent empathetic twist, that audience relate to, anchored in strong Indian sentiments. Take his runaway hit Pichaikaran (The Beggar), a simple story of a seriously ill mother. Her son vows to beg on the streets for a year, incognito to make her live. The twists and turns made for a very authentic story. Audience cried at Antony’s fall from rich man to beggar. Movie a hit, including multiple TV runs. It is not surprising that among the four movies released in September (including Thalaivi), Kodiyil Oruvan has already fetched 4.5 crore in a short span. The producers who preferred to release without the distributor link, are already bean counting. Antony has not hankered after that razzmatazz Star title…but he is soon to add that title to his quiver.