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Vedanta-Foxconn Project Goes To Gujarat, Generates Slugfest In Maharashtra

As Gujarat already has a policy on semiconductor industry, the Vedanta-Foxconn combine decided to invest Rs 154,000 crore to set up a massive industrial plant in Gujarat rather than in Maharashtra as it has no such policy. However, the conglomerate’s decision has led to a free for all with every political party blaming its opponent for the loss of the huge investment and employment opportunity. There is a growing feeling in certain quarters in Maharashtra that major projects which could come to the state are going to other states due to political shenanigans. The allegation gained credence when projects like the International Finance Centre proposed in Mumbai was shifted to Gujarat, followed by the National Marine Police Academy, originally planned in Dahanu to Dwarka. Already, an atmosphere of deep suspicion is seen in the political arena of Maharashtra. Incidents like Ajit Pawar’s leaving the NCP national council meet twice without making a speech provide impetus to the rumour mongering. Members of the legislature and municipal corporations change loyalties overnight, adding to the political bitterness. The Vedanta-Foxconn episode has provided a new twist as the previous and present rulers perceive this as a golden opportunity to humble each other. The crux of the matter, that of making a policy, is overlooked in the political slugfest. The slow pace of decision-making in Maharashtra has been highlighted once again, it is felt.