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TN’s Game Of Thrones Heading For A Photo Finish?

The Game of Thrones for Tamil Nadu has never before seen such heated speculation. Whichever party is about to win according to the main characters, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. DMK Supremo MK Stalin waiting in the wings like Prince Charles, AIADMK Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisami smug in his expectation of a runaway electoral win with his considerable heavyweight alliances, the BJP hopes of a breakthrough, Chinnamma Sasikala sulking at her unexpected down turn of fortunes after thumping hard on Jayalalithaa’s gravesite, the lesser political parties hoping to pull off a bargaining coup. TN is awaiting the poll results with abated breath! So wearing masks is not an option. They say in Urdu, Bade Miyan Tho Bade Miyaan, Chote Miyaan Subhanallah. This political ilk may well be outflanked by the greed and ambition of the Babu class. After a full five year stint as part of the ruling power, the race is already on for the next tranche of share in goodies — portfolios, berths, lobbies. Word on the street, many an IAS and IPS incumbent has already started kite flying. Stalin and son Udayanidhi were tracked fiercely by some bureaucrats. Stalin’s family posse of 15 including cousins Maran winged their way to Kodaikanal, to savour some quality time away from these pestering aspirants, and a savvy scheme for family squabbles to be settled.