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TN Sets A New Trend, Gives Best Teacher Certificates Sans CM Photo

After 14 years, the best Teachers of Tamil Nadu were awarded a certificate plaque, on Teachers Day, without a Chief Ministers picture!  Instead, the citation carried the photo of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, savant, philosopher, educationist, recipient of Bharat Ratna, first vice president and second President of India. This is seen as a refreshing change in TN political culture where jarring photos, banners and cutouts intrude the significance of every occasion, constantly reminding the people of the “greatness and relevance” of that politician! The poster culture has taken a vulgar and in your face evolution here, and the public could do nothing but stare, may be curse and move on. Is Stalin heralding a new political culture by giving due acknowledgment to the leader or historical greats who have silently worked for the development of India? If Stalin is on a self-effacement, graceful public mode, this bodes well. A welcome change from loud, crass and jarring publicity and high-profile stunts of both AIADMK and DMK heavyweights that made people squirm and chortle at their vanity.