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The Trisha Factor In Thalapathy Vijay’s Bursting Political And Filmi Agenda

Trisha Krishnan and Thalapathy Vijay were the best-selling Tamil cinema on-screen pair in the mid-2000s. Their first film, Ghilli, Rs 50 crore hit, still draws repeat audiences for bubbly entertainment and a fast moving story. Four back to back films including Kuruvi naturally lead to cotton candy talk of the two getting serious. The pairing stopped. Only when Lokesh Kanakaraj announced Leo, Trisha came back to the Vijay pairing after a gap of 15 years. Lokesh, Vijay and Trisha alchemy is expected to sizzle at the boxoffice. Parallel to cinema happenings, Vijay is super busy and super present in the news for the launch of his party Tamizhaga Vettri Kazhagam.  Social media is full of news about his “powerful and planned “thrust into politics, with all kinds of imaginary status about his marital life, parental non proximity, even his son rising as a challenge. What about his love life? Ah, this is where it becomes hot and humid. The infamous Suchitra leaks hit Vijay and Trisha with hot Saravana Bhavan rasam like spice. For those who are not in the know, Suchitra, a former singer and now suffering from delusional disorders puts out the most atrocious claims on the life, liaisons and love of filmi denizens. A birthday wish picture on Vijay’s 50th on Trisha’s Insta set the cats screeching. Suchitra wrote: “Trisha is a parasite. She is preying on Vijay’s loneliness in the absence of Sangeeta, pushing her way closer to fulfil her own political ambitions through Vijay. I am warning Vijay”.