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The Jasmine Trail: Leena Nair To Lead Chanel As CEO

Two unrelated exclusive news headlines and, yet they are mutually correlated. Fifty-two-year-old India-born, XLRI Gold medallist from Sangli in Maharashtra, Leena Nair is handpicked to head French haute couture fashion perfume brand Chanel, come January 2022. In unrelated news, prices of the Jasmine flower soared to Rs 4000 per kilogram in Madurai, the Jasmine capital of India, after rains cut down supplies. The Jasmine flower with a geographical identity (GI) Tag of its own is world-famous by itself and till recently supplies were exclusively exported to Chanel in France that has since started growing its own special Jasmine flower stalks in Grasse. The Chanel’s flagship ‘Chanel 5’ perfume registers a sale every 30 seconds. Launched in 1910 by the stormy Gabrielle Coco Chanel, who also gave it the unforgettable tagline – The Scent of a woman. India’s Jasmine flower is coveted on all festive occasions. As Chief Human Resources Officer at Unilever Nair led a 150,000 strong corporate. At Chanel, with an equally formidable history she intends to take the iconic, $12.3 billion company to newer heights of aspiration. The Jasmine suppliers of Madurai may still expand production and marketing strategy to cater to this exclusive brand again after erratic supplies from India led Chanel to growing its own special bud in Grasse, France – the perfume capital of the world.