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Tamil Nadu’s BJP President L Murugan Pole Vaults To Center As MoS

L Murugan, 44-year old BJP’s points man in Tamil Nadu was the butt of many a joke when he took over as state BJP president.  YouTube shows nicknamed him “L Board” Murugan. When he scripted the Vetri Vel Yathra and took off with an ersatz Vel like Lord Murugan, the chortling was loud enough to make waves of mirth. Such teasing and tongue-in-cheek reactions would have shaken a lesser man. Not L Murugan. Before coming to TN, he was Vice Chairman of the Minority Commission for Scheduled Castes, with a 15 year lawyers’ stint in the High Court. Sent to TN to add sinew to a weak BJP presence, the Dravidian parties could not have anticipated that he could come up with his own formula for “boost as the secret of my energy.” Murugan succeeded in inducting a few high profile wannabes, including Khushboo to BJP. He himself did not win the Assembly seat. But Destiny cannot be denied…. if not a quick gun, Murugan is a pole vaulter. He has bagged a coveted ministry, I&B, with Fisheries & Animal Husbandry, Dairy. Soon, Murugan will have to take on the latest controversy about the changes to the Cinematrography Act, a fiery issue bound to test this legal eagle and his canny brand building. Never judge a book by its cover.