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Tamil Nadu FM Makes Light Of Chappal Hurled At Him, Says Cinderella Can Collect It Whenever

Hurling shoes at politicians is an art form born of courage.  And the targeted leaders make more news by responding with humour instead of rancour. Seems like the Tamil Nadu FM P Thiaga Rajan popularly known as PTR borrowed a leaf from the former U.S. President George Bush when women BJP workers hurled a ladies chappal at him at the Madurai airport. Immediately, PTR tweeted “If Cinderella wants her sandal back, my staff saved it for you”.  Shoe hurling is tame news; how many of us secretly yearn for such courage? It is the reaction and aftermath that spins even more news. Remember George W Bush on his farewell visit to Baghdad in 2008, when a seething Iraqi journalist Muntadhar Al Zaidi threw both his shoes at Bush! Cool Bush fielded one, said “it’s a size 10 “! Three women BJP workers have been identified and the police are booking them. PTR has harboured a degree of resentment at both the Centre and his own party, as he is seen as a Lone Ranger import, with a fancy education. This incident, when PTR had come to pay his respects to slain TN army personnel, Lakshmanan gave him the ideal opportunity to take on the BJP. He vowed, “By tonight I will teach a lesson to the BJP “. Presumably, the shrewd FM is busy stirring up a storm for K Annamalai and his flock.