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Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Ko Gussa Kyoon Aata Hai?

Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Dr P Thiaga Rajan (PTR) has shown that he is not to be messed with. Having hogged media attention from the comeback day of the DMK, he has been in the arc lights for many reasons. Apart from his exalted background (Harvard, Wall Street, Bespoke political DNA, American wife, the yearning to serve his state) this handpicked FM has of late been in the news for some wrong reasons. His quick temper, sometimes acerbic repartees, and not so friendly relations with other party colleagues have also come under media focus. The most recent, a freeze treatment to Dr R Mahendran, who quit Kamal Haasan’s outfit MNM and joined the DMK. Mahendran was appointed Joint Secretary of DMK IT wing and second in command to PTR!  Similarly, he chose to make a statement by not participating in the GST Council meeting in Lucknow. Reason given: he was at a community Baby Shower in his constituency, Madurai.  For this act, he came in for harsh criticism not only from the opposition parties — AIADMK and BJP – but also from his party colleague TKS Elangovan, a Rajya Sabha MP. The man criticized for public rant on social media has redeemed himself in the most telling way. He has now been inducted by the Union government as member of the Group Of Ministers on GST system reforms!  Pouts and protests do have their paybacks.