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Superstar Rajini’s Political Thriller An Anti-Climax

Barely three days after returning from the U.S. post his medical check-up, superstar Rajinikanth hinted at some significant announcement and the media swarmed the cul de sac in front of his Poes Garden home as early as 8 am. As usual, a makeshift podium outside his Brindavan gates. Thalaivar came out in a grey linen T shirt, looking healthy, trim but grim. He made a brief statement … Annathe shooting delayed, then election, the U.S. trip. So now I need to consult with my Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) about whether I should come to politics? Press meet over! Some guffawed, of course, Annathe is yet to release…he needs all the fan support to conjure up a super hit! Yet others, some powerful super force is manipulating him to gain mileage for LS election. Still others, superstars can never be weaned off fan frenzy. Money, money…how much more do these aged heroes want to earn? Yet others, it must be the home front egging him on to enter and stay relevant.  Finally, the statement from Rajini, I am not entering politics, as such the RMM stands dissolved! Whew, as if people were not aware that this journey never started. Taking on the sharks and barracudas is not for a stylish star who perfected throwing up a ciggy to land between his lips.