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Photo : BJP TN party president K Annamalai (centre) — Twitter   

Sting Video Exposes Fissures In TN BJP After Telegenic Raghavan’s Exit

On August 24, when the state BJP General Secretary KT Raghavan was “allegedly exposed by Youtuber and self-styled BJP mouthpiece Madhan Ravichandran” by his sting operation sleaze tapes, Raghavan did not publicly rave and rant. He just resigned his party post and said he would meet the allegations, legally. Ok, so what’s so unusual about sexual proclivities and shenanigans …of people in power? This exactly is the question asked by Naam Tamilar Katchi founder and high-profile orator, Seeman, who is now openly nicknamed BJP’s B Team. Ha, this gets murkier and murkier when the unravelling of this sting expose came to light. Said Ravichandran, “I sought party president Annamalai’s ok, played the tapes to him and then only went public.” Now the penny drops. Former IPS officer, now newly minted BJP TN party president K Annamalai is in a hurry to establish himself as the unquestionable power center. Bade miyaan tho bade miyaan, Chotte miyaan subhanallah! The old guard and entrenched opinion makers are naturally riled. So was this sting operation remotely controlled? Is this an open admission that all is not well in the TN BJP, which now orchestrates a single point agenda — the only alternative to the Dravidian voice?  The Indian crab mindset is alive and busy pulling down potential challenges.