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Six Months Jail For Contempt Of Court By TN Whistleblower

For contempt of court, the Madras High Court has given six months jail term to Tamil Nadu’s whiplash whistle blower Savukku Shankar. Chennai-based Achimuthu Shankar has transformed himself from a social media journalist to a whistleblower folk hero. He gained both fame and notoriety as Savukku Shankar. Savukku in Tamil means whip. He gained a fast reputation for his mercurial exposes in digging up entrenched corruption in government, police, real estate and the judiciary. His YouTube interviews and fearless talk have brought him enough admirers, and an equal legion of adversaries and detractors .The expose about 5000 police personnel working as domestic help in police top brass’s homes was a victory for his whistleblowing. Similarly, the dirt he dug up in the questionable B Square real estate scam brought him more popularity. Now, his brash talks and no-holds barred exposes have run him out. In a much publicised story, he claimed that the entire judiciary was riddled with corruption, without concrete proof. In particular he took a pot shot at “Paarpaniya Adhigaram” (Brahmin stranglehold of the judiciary). Justices GR Swaminathan and B Pugalendhi heard the contempt proceedings. Interestingly, Savukku sought to and pleaded his own case very lucidly. According to Prashant Bhushan who is appearing for him in SC, this case and the order for imprisonment violates the natural principles of justice.