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Shiv Sena’s Action On BJP Heavyweight Rane Raises Tempers Ahead Of BMC Polls

Firebrand and street smart leader Narayan Rane is now BJP’s missile against estranged ally Shiv Sena in the run up to the BMC elections. His arrest and bail have increased his stock value in Delhi. Modi and Shah have not only neglected demand for Rane’s resignation as predicted in the media after recent clashes, but they are also thinking of giving him more responsibility to revive BJP in the Konkan region which is a Sena bastion — and also delivering a befitting reply by winning BMC election. Even though a few BJP and RSS leaders are unhappy with Rane’s glorification, a thinking among majority of the leaders, given the current circumstances, is to back Rane. He is the best bet to take on the Sena in its backyard. However, a negative point is that Uddhav Thackeray-led Shiv Sena is heading the MVA government. Thackeray may use the power of his office to checkmate Rane’s feisty politics vis a vis expose BJP’s politics of opportunism in neglecting the loyalists. A senior BJP leader says that if the party fails to dislodge Sena from the BMC then Rane will have to take the blame, but if it wins then all credit will go to Rane. This brings the million-dollar question: Will he pose a challenge to Devendra Fadnavis and others in the future? Wait for BMC polls!