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Sharad Pawar’s Nephew Threatens Mahayuti Govt With A Sensational Disclosure

Veteran leader Sharad Pawar’s grandson Rohit Pawar has threatened to make a sensational disclosure regarding the state government within two days, involving commissions exceeding Rs 5000 crore. The NCP (SP) MLA, who is emerging as the potential future power centre within the party, has been making his presence felt. For some time, he is seen as the chief attacker against the rival NCP led by his uncle, deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar. The recent drubbing received by Ajit’s NCP in the Lok Sabha election has created flutters in his party, with news reports galore that some of his followers are likely to cross over to the NCP (SP). Against this backdrop, Rohit’s meeting with Maharashtra governor Ramesh Bais has created considerable suspense. His explanation that the meeting was to discuss certain vital issues of the state’s concern is hardly taken at face value. In his ‘X’ post, Rohit has claimed that bills worth Rs 20,000 crore for the public works department are already pending payment. Despite this, why new works costing similar huge amounts are being taken up. “Wait for two days, a big explosion is on its way,” he said. Alleging that the new expenditure will be incurred to show to the public that ‘something’ is being done for them, Rohit has warned the NDA rulers in the state that they will meet the same fate as in the Lok Sabha election for the coming assembly election.