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Sasikala: The Shark In The AIADMK Tank

The ousted AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala has been playing the guessing game. First, she trumpeted that she is going into political sanyas. Then suddenly surfaces, from time to time, to wrest the control of AIADMK without success. The latest news is that Sasikala aka Chinamma has come out of her self-imposed exile on the auspicious Mahalaya Amavasai and announced a slew of high profile events to mark the return of the piqued Panther to active politics, hostile takeover, slaying enemies and rocketing right to the top of the leadership in AIADMK.  What set off this intense comeback plan and the rumblings heard in its wake? According to her inner circle, the soothsayers have said that her ‘innings 2.0’ would be a hit sequel to her prequel. Embark on it, you will not regret it, seems to be soothsayers’ advice. Also, she has been emboldened and energised by a secret phone call from a top AIADMK leader assuring his prostration with followers. With such assurances, Sasikala has announced her launch events. Visit JJ Memorial on October 16, big plans for the party’s Golden Jubilee on October 17, visit MGR’s home, rake up the Kodanadu Estate murder case, bring in her vaunted enemy EPS into the ring of suspicion. The astrologer has even pin-pointed a particular temple in Tirunelveli from where she should start her comeback.