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Pune Porsche Accident: Three Generations Of The Same Family In Police Custody

It is not just rarest of the rare, it is perhaps unique. Three generations of the same family find themselves in custody in connection with the same incident. Pune builder Vishal Agarwal’s minor son, just short of 18 years, had been arrested by the police for allegedly causing the death of two techies under his speeding Porsche on Sunday, May 19. Vishal’s father Surendra Kumar Agarwal has now been arrested by the police. He will cool his heels in custody till May 28. The ill-fated car’s driver, Gangaram Pujari, was detained illegally in Agarwal’s house and was pressured by Surendra to tell the police that he (Pujari), and not the minor, was at the wheel at the time of the tragedy, according to police charges. Pujari was taken to Agarwal’s house by a police party to recreate the alleged detention’s chain of events. Surendra, it was reported earlier, has been found to have links with underworld don Chhota Rajan. His act of detention of the driver will be presented to the court soon. The police party also interrogated the household help and checked some documents. Incidentally, after a prolonged silence, Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar has explained that he has been monitoring the investigation of the case in Pune, he being the guardian minister of the district. His silence had become a topic of speculation and criticism.