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Poll Promises Force Karnataka Cong To Fake A Fund Battle With Delhi

Ahead of what seems like a concerted move by southern states like Karnataka and Kerala for a sit-in protest about “lack of funds from Centre” in Delhi, PM Modi slammed the politics over the “north-south fund fight” fuelled by the Congress. He made it clear that there could be no divisive politics over government funds. “Divisive politics over national resources is dangerous. We cannot see state funds in a narrow prism,” he said speaking on the Motion of Thanks in the Rajya Sabha. It was a day when Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah and his team landed in Delhi to do a brief sit-in protest over lack of funds. The Congress government in Karnataka is struggling to fulfil the six guarantees it had promised while coming to power in May 2023. CPI(M) in Kerala may not have a freebie burden like the Congress in Karnataka but the growing  traction of PM Modi and BJP in the state has got a worried Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan to do a sit-in protest at Jantar Mantar. Flaying the Opposition CMs, PM Modi questioned the tone and tenor of the Karnataka leaders.“Humara tax, humara money; ye kaisi bhasha boli ja rahi hai? Charging the Congress of trying to divide the country over funds, Modi reminded the Southern states that the eastern states had mobilized oxygen supply during Covid or the way they keep up supply of coal, it would be short-sighted to underestimate the importance of any region in the country. “Mera desh Bangalore, Chennai, Telangana, Puri sab jagah hai. I don’t discriminate against states,” he said.