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Parliament Winter Session Deadlock Continues As Suspended Rajya Sabha MPs Refuse To Apologise

With the Government restoring Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) just ahead of the Winter Session there should not have been much trouble with MPs. Yet unbelievably, the imbroglio over suspension of 12 Rajya Sabha MPs has spilled into the second week. Ideally, such an issue or any issue with the Chair gets sorted within a day or two. However, the Opposition now seems determined to prolong it as it is in no mood to tender an apology for its unruly behaviour on the floor of the House during monsoon session (August 11).  “We are not Savarkars to apologise. It is not in our culture to write letters of apology,” says CPI leader Binoy Viswom, echoing an anti-BJP narrative that insults the memory of the freedom fighter revered by millions. His view is shared by a section in the Congress too, including Rahul Gandhi. Chairman M Venkiah Naidu who has held several rounds of meetings with leaders is ready to revoke his order but says MPs have to express regret. Suspended MPs are hoping Naidu will respond to Leader of the Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge’s statement in the House and let them off.  And that’s not possible. As for suspended MPs Priyanka Chaturvedi and Shashi Tharoor, in solidarity, quitting from Sansad TV shows, it doesn’t make business or political sense: Their TV shows were after all a professional commitment.