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Padhega India Tabhi Toh Badhega America: Amul’s Buttery Tweet Kicks Off Meme Storm On Twitter’s Indian Origin CEO

Made in India is definitely the flavour of choice for many a tech company when the CEO is chosen to lead uber successful tech brands. The podium of honour is filling up regularly, and fast with youthful, young incumbents, Made in India. Parag Agrawal is the latest to join this roll of honour, heading Twitter at 37, an IIT, Bombay alumnus, succeeding co-founder Jack Dorsey surely a class act to follow and build on. While numerous memes and encomiums sprouted thick and fast, Amul‘s celebratory ad garnered super attention. The ad showed Parag at his computer on which perched a Tweety Bird, and the blurb, Wholetweet toast to Agravault. Amul’s topical and buttery creatives are not entirely new to the public. The former Sheriff of Mumbai, late Nana Chudasama and his succinct banners (Above Talk Of The Town) on Marine Drive’s Soona Mahal was literally that in the 70s and 80s –talked about and debated. We Indians have a tolerable sense of humour too, and memes of Parag Agarwal elicited titters about Agrawal Sweets to Agrawal Tweets. Many a Tamilian wit has joked about the Alphabet CEO, Sundar as India’s “pichai” (largesse) to America, Nadella as our Sathya hi Shiv Hai! Another YouTuber takes this more seriously… “Make in India talent and technology to export to the US.” Hold the xsplit vcam torrent flag high guys and girls, India has download game maker studio 2 full crack super talent.