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Now Showing: How Maddy’s Reel Marriage Comes Apart

It was just waiting to happen: The decoupling of the Indian couple who vowed to stay together for life! Netflix’s original show Decoupled, themed on global Indian marriages, has hit pure gold. Women finding their voices even as a couple’s marriages hurtles through marital discord and yet, both working hard at co-parenting while aspiring for their career fulfilment. Marriages are (rarely) made in heaven, but remain permanently earthed. R Madhavan at 51 plays an over-the-hill writer, Arya Iyer and, is a Maddy to scream and root for. He is sensitive yet, sexy if such a combination exists, with whacky comic timing too. Arya refuses to shake hands with young boys. “Boys are busy with their hands…they don’t wash later” his firm tongue-in-cheek refrain. Two Jharkandis brought fame and GPS to Ranchi –one, a cricket legend and the other, “ice cream won’t melt in my mouth” the wholesome Tambram, code jock clone Surveen Sacred Games Chawla, the Punjabi ultra slick kudi. A huge plus that Decoupled is in English…Coupertino to Cochin, most couples will identify with the everyday nuke edge moments that are thrown up in a high wattage marriage. Maddy fans have much to drool about and rejoice to see their footloose heartthrob take his OTT steps towards global stardom.